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«Moto Expert» magazine article

Our first installation was the first in Moscow and surely enough it caught the eye. «Moto Expert» magazine journalists found Boris in a short time, tested an installation and wrote an article ( you can read it in a high resolution just by clicking on a page). Despite first experience for everyone, it was judged as useful and high potential invention.

Two guys from Podolsk: Boris Galuzin and Nikolai Kazakov (www.stuntex.ru) flashed a brilliant idea of getting a wheelie machine as soon as they have seen american promo of such a unit on YouTube.

Nikolai found all of the details and wrote to a producer in the USA, but the price THERE for such a machine was $ 19500, also shipping and customs are more to come. They had no choice but to construct a wheelie machine by their own. Guys rifled the internet for quite a long time and discovered as many as some designs: there were options with different number of rollers transferring motorbike wheel rotation energy into fluid mechanics and retarders; also there were other inertial alternatives where rotation energy was transmitted just onto heavy-duty instrumental reel and wasted for turn rate changing. When they seized their technological capacities, they realized that it’s not possible to assemble such a device at an adequate level, that’s why they had to find executives. They monitored several plants before finding specialists willing to take the job which is far from drawings and even without the precise conception of the final result. Since guys called upon the Chief engineer of Machine Engineering plant up to the tow truck moved-out freshly painted wheelie machine off the workshop, more than three months have passed away. In the meantime we have been spoiled a pile of metal, purchased few extra but totally useless mechanisms and exceed the planned budget by several times. Sometimes we felt utterly discouraged and even brooded of dropping the plan and accepting the loss of time and money. But we had enough strength to drive a nail home.

Famous Moscow STUNT CREW riders were invited for the released machine first test-drive. Just after the ride guys made a decision of purchasing the installation for motor school.

Before striving to rise up your bike at the rear wheel you have to get acquainted with a theoretical. Interned is fulled up with articles describing this process in details. In the next issue you can also find such a write-up. The root problem at the initial stage of wheelie riding is to get over your fear.

Self-preservation instinct does not allow you to put all the theoretical knowledge into practice. And all the recommendations would be useless at this stage because the lift-over feeling will stop you of raising the fore wheel more than a half meter up for a long time

All the anxious-to-learn rear wheel driving pass through this. You will have to get the fore wheel off the ground and drop it down directly to banish fear and getting closer and closer to the balance point.

Clutch plates and rear brake blocks become consumables when training at the simulator.

And finally, when you gain balance point, as it often happen, you are all in a tangle because of yours and motorbike unaccustomed position. And in such an euphoria-and-fright condition you will forget all about rear break as likely as not, and will not be able to take any adequate actions about it. The constant thought of not crashing down would be on your mind. And it takes a lot of time to keep your mind off these thoughts and to start using «gas» and rear brake in a proper way. The Wheelie machine has been invented to ease significantly the initial stage of learning the rear wheel driving and realize the bike edge of «roll-over». This installation helps you to feel keenly the motorcycle, to run an equilibrioception and to master fine rear brake operation and twist grip throttle either in a zoom. Because of lack of damaging yourself or your bike the understanding of process is fairly quick. Within an hour-training at the Wheelie machine you can learn the things which are hard to get during the days of rather dangerous drillings. But it doesn’t mean you can become a professional in the course of an hour-training, but certainly you’ll get basic skills which are hard to gain in real-to-life environment.

There’s a long-practicing stuntriders skeptical view who keep the balance of the rear wheel confidently and work their way of real-life schooling, that wheelie machine doesn’t provide you a real speed sense when highballing. In addition, unlike wheelie-simulator you have to catch motorbike lateral skid at a low speed.

Famous Moscow STUNT CREW riders were invited for the released machine first test-drive. Just after the ride guys made a decision of purchasing the installation for motor school.

Also the exercising on your own bike would be particularly ideal because of getting used to brake pedal and twist grip throttle. And finally there’s a last skeptical argument: Wheelie machine can make a pilot overopinionated which can cause an adverse effect in the real situation. And you should definitely take it for granted, as the bike, being toughly hedged in, has no troubles with lateral skid, which any beginning stunter will, trying to master the rear wheel drive at walking pace.
The problem of getting used to hand-operated controls of your own bike when training at the Wheelie machine is solved – the installation has adjustments which allow mounting mostly any motorbike on it. Once again I would like to repeat that you won’t be tops just after simulator trainings, you need live-asphalt practice for sure. As any simulator the Wheelie machine is not 100% comparable to the real road conditions. But you can hardly find better and safer way to get the BASIC SKILLS of rear wheel driving.

Editors board thank Podolsk “Bike club R1” represented by Sergey Chernogubov for assistance in shooting management.

«All inclusive» telecast at Russia -2 TV channel

Later, when we have made the third installation which exceeded all the domestic and foreign equivalents, Boris was invited for scene shooting at «All inclusive» telecast at Russia -2 TV channel. It was dedicated to stuntriding. You can see the clip below.