FAQ-Frequently asked questions

Why is the motorbike mounted on the stand? Is it possible to raise the bike in to the zoom at the zero point?

You can zoom the bike from the zero point thought I can’t imagine that due to the three reasons:

  1. Motorbike lifetime at the Wheelie machine is quite a short and if you shoot up to top it all, it will put the kibosh on it. I can make some adjustments and ease the ascent but it would be far out of reality.
  2. Too often the beginning pilot has no time to soften the landing using gas and the result is pretty hard touchdown. In this case the ramp significantly smoothes the landing.
  3. Instructor has a lot of troubles when helping the bike to rise from the zero point.

I would like to repeat once again: please do not forget the Wheelie machine is just a simulator to get the balance of gas and brake operation. And you should not expect 100% similarity to the real road conditions.

Is Wheelie machine finally a simulator or an attraction?

During the Wheelie machine building up I mastered physical laws which acting on the bike whilst lifting the rear wheel. Also I explored different Wheelie machines construction types and came to the conclusion that most of the installations are mainly an attraction rather than a simulator. The only benefit the beginning rider can get from such a Wheelie machine is just in understanding of balance point height. Just as well you may ask couple of tough guys to raise your bike and while sitting you will get the same feelings. But understanding of rear brake operation in zoom is out of question definitely. Technical solutions used in such Wheelie machines design do not allow use the rear break at the balance point time. But the owners of such machines gather admass crowds all around their marvelous constructions without turning an eyelash. It’s fair enough to watch the videos on You Tube so you will see that even instructors do not use the rear brake on promo shows.

It’s not a big deal to manufacture a Wheelie machine which you can rev up and zoom. But to succeed in use of rare brake in zoom with maximally close to the real-life effect we cudgeled our brains over several months and tested several constructing options. At the end of the day we managed to found simple and reliable solution which makes our Wheelie machine the real simulator providing skills of rear brake operation in zoom.

Can I zoom using a clutch on a Wheelie machine?

Yes, you can. Both with a gas and clutch.

Can I practice changing the gears in a zoom?

No, you can’t. It will dramatically reduce transmission service life.

Can I install my own motorbike on a Wheelie machine to practice?

Yes, it’s possible.